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'India will be a heart disease capital by 2020' as per WHO. Almost 50% heart patients are below the age of 50. With increasing sedentary and stressful lifestyle, it is important to undergo regular health checkups. Diabetes, blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels can begin early in life. If they are not detected on time, they can have more serious repercussions later. But if detected early, they can be managed with appropriate corrective measures.

To enable you to keep yourself fit and aware of your health status, please check different health check up options available at Asian Heart Institute.

  Platinum Plus Platinum Deluxe Gold Cardiac Basic
Physician         -  
Ophthalmologist         - -
ENT Surgeon         - -
General Surgeon (for males only)         -  
Gynecologist (for females only)         -  
Dental         - -
Dietitian           -
Cardiologist     - -   -
Preventive Cardiology           -
Complete Blood Count            
Serum Creatinine            
Liver profile         - -
Lipid profile            
Renal profile         - -
Fasting blood sugar            
PP Sugar           -
Urine         -  
Blood Group         -  
Prostate Specific Antigen (for males only)         - -
G 6 PD       - - -
TSH (thyroid test)       - - -
Vit B12     - - - -
Vit D3     - - - -
Gly. Hb     - - -
Stress Test           -
2D Echocardiography           -
Chest X-ray            
CT Scan Coronary Angiography   - - - - -
Ultrasonography of Abdomen & Pelvis         -  
Pulmonary Function Test       - - -
PAP Smear (for females only)         -  
LUNCH           -
CHARGES iN RUPEES 42192 26208 19668 15312 8712 5808
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In addition to the above Health Check up packages,one can now avail a comprehensive
CT Scan Angiography at FLAT 25% DISCOUNT 
** Conditions apply


  • ** The Platinum offer may be clubbed with the Deluxe, Gold and Cardiac packages however it cannot be clubbed with the basic package

For appointment pls feel free to call on 66986571 between 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

We accept all major Visa & Master Credit Cards**

Pre Health Checkup Guidelines

Your HEALTH CHECK-UP Checklist Pdf

In order to avoid any last minute inconvenience, kindly take a prior appointment in any one of the following ways:

You are requested to report at the Health Check-up Reception (1st floor) on the scheduled day at:

  • 7:30 am for Deluxe and Gold Packages.
  • 8:00 am for Cardiac and Basic Packages.

If you are company-sponsored, please ensure you carry:

  • Authorization letter from your company.
  • Your official employee ID.
  • You may reconfirm the reporting time with the Health Check-up Reception one day prior.

Please do not forget to bring urine/ stool samples in the containers available in our Pathology Department. In case of coporate customers, the container can be collected from your administration department.

For a satisfactory USG test, it is advisable to drink at least 1 litre of water prior to the test.

Our male patrons are requested to shave their chest, to ensure good ECG/ Treadmill test (Stress test) readings.

We suggest that you carry a pair of sport shoes for the Stress Test. It is also advisable to carry all your previous medical records, accessories like glasses, hearing aids, etc. for a proper Health Checkup.

Should you wish to have any additional culture/ investigation carried out, please feel free to contact our HealthCheckup Reception at least one day in advance.

Should you wish to postpone or cancel the appointment, please do intimate the HealthCheckup Reception minimum 48 hours in advance. This will help us accommodate others waiting for appointments.

Medical Checklist

  • Do not eat anything 12 to 14 hours prior to your Health Checkup.You may drink water during this period.
  • Kindly abstain from consuming alcohol and smoking for at least 12 hours prior to the checkup.
  • Preferably avoid non-vegetarian food 12 hours prior.
  • We suggest you wear loose clothing and easily removable foot wear.
  • Do not take any medicines 12 to 14 hours before your Health Checkup.
  • Our lady patrons who are pregnant are advised not to undergo an x-ray. You are also advised not to get PAP smear test done during menstruation.
  • Do not take antihypertensive / beta blockers 48 hours prior toyour Health Checkup. Please check with our HealthCheckup Reception for further details.
  • Medicines like Seloken, Amlopin AT, Aten, Tenolol, Betaloc, Betalov, Met XL, Metolar, Nabicard, Nebilong, Tenormin,Tensimin, Betacard AM, Conlor, Revelo XR, Presolar, Corvadial, Nebilol, Seloken AM, Selokel XL, Inderal, Vivalol, Prolomet AM, Dilatrend, Carvil, Cardivas, Carloc, Concore, Ciplar, Betanif etc. should be discontinued 24 hours prior to health check up.





Health Check final reports will be available after two days, except in case of certain tests for which the reports are available after more than two days. The reports may be collected from the 1st floor OPD counter. We can also arrange to have them couriered to you.

Hope is Healing, Healing is Happiness


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