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When can I drive on my own?

It is wise to wait for 2 months after surgery before driving on your own. This is the amount of time it takes for the healing of your sternum (breast bone), which was cut open during surgery. Any kind of injury can cause damage if driving is started too early. Please consult with your surgical team before undertaking any activity after a bypass.

Can I travel by car?

Yes, you may travel by car as soon as you are discharged. However for the first few weeks, it is advisable to restrict your travel to less than two hours. If the drive is going to be longer, then take a break every two hours and walk around for few minutes.

Should I speak less?

There is no reason for you to speak less after a surgery. However during the first few days of your recovery, you might feel short of breath while speaking for a long period of time. If that is the case, your body is telling you to rest and you may stay silent for some time.

Will eating curd or watermelon affect the stitches and slow down the healing of the breast bone?

No, eating curd or watermelon has no effect on your stitches or healing process.

When can I start climbing the staircase?

If there is an elevator, there is no need to climb stairs just for the sake of exercising. If you do not have an elevator and have to take the stairs, you can do so as soon as you are discharged. Keep in mind that while climbing, you should pace yourself. Take a minute's rest after climbing 10 to 12 steps during the first week after discharge. As your walking capacity increases, there is no restriction on climbing steps as long as you do not run out of breath.

When can I go back to work?

It is advisable to wait for at least 1 month after surgery before returning to work. However depending on the condition of your heart, you may be able to start light work after 2 weeks. Please consult your doctor before returning back to work.

What about the older blockages in the arteries, will they remain?

The blockages which are present in the arteries remain as they were. The graft which provides the new blood supply is connected below your old blockages, thereby providing adequate blood to the heart muscle.

What is the chance of getting blockages again in the new grafting arteries?

Since at Asian Heart Institute we use only arterial grafts, they will not get blocked as long as the patient takes proper care of diet, diabetes, BP, and does regular exercise. However even now more than 95% hospitals use only one arterial graft and the rest as vein grafts from the leg. The vein grafts from the leg have a tendency to get blocked in 8-10 years time, especially in patients who have diabetes, high cholesterol, and strong family history of heart disease.

After my surgery, why do I still feel pain in my chest?

To perform your surgery, your chest-bone was cut open and stitched together after surgery. It is quite normal to feel some pain or altered sensations in your chest region for a few months after surgery. However this pain will be different from the pain of 'angina' which you might have experienced before surgery.

What are the restrictions after CABG?

For the first 2 months, avoid swimming, driving, sex, breath holding exercises, and yoga. This is because your heart is irritable and sensitive. It may lead to irregular heart beat and could be risky for you.

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